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HSE Removing First Aid Approvals

The revised guidance states that first aid training is available from many providers including: those who offer regulated qualifications (Ofqual, SQA and the Welsh Government), operate under voluntary approval schemes, operate independently of any such scheme (demonstrating their competence to an employer by providing evidence that they meet criteria set by HSE), or from a Voluntary Aid Society.


All training providers will need to be able to show how they satisfy the criteria set by HSE. The Health and Safety at Work Act places a duty on the employer to select a competent training provider. This applies to all businesses. After visiting the HSE Guidance link, you must find out what checks (due diligence) the employer has to carry out before selecting a suitable training provider. Employers must understand the term 'Regulated Qualification' - a qualification from a training provider approved by an Ofqual / SQA recognised awarding organisation, for example AoFA Qualifications.


HSE states: "Due to awarding organisations offering 'regulated qualifications', you (employer) do not have to use the checklist (due diligence) to satisfy yourself of the competency of that organisation."   This checklist incidentally is over 4 pages long.


As an employer, you have a choice of selecting: a Training Centre approved by an Awarding Organisation, carry out 4+ pages of due diligence and select an unregulated training provider with the risk that failure to carry effective due diligence could invalidate the training, or the VAS which falls in between the above. Due to the burden of due diligence, the obvious choice for the employer will be a training provider approved by an Awarding Organisation.